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bizhub 4052
• Copy • Lan Print • Scan • Fax (optional)
Mono, A4, 40 ppm
bizhub 4052 big picture

• The image above represent the supplied equipment configuration;
• Starter toner for 6,000 pages is included in the price of the equipment;
• Transportation, installation and testing are offered free across Bucharest.

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Product code:
bizhub 4052 - detailed presentation
• Copy • Print • Scan • Fax (optional)
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bizhub 4052, 4752 STANDARD HDD
bizhub 4052, 4752 INTERFATA
bizhub 4052, 4752 SPAȚIU 72x72
Mobile printing PageScope Mobile MOPRIA WIRELESS LAN

bizhub 4052, 4752 GOOGL CLOUD PRINT

bizhub 4052, 4752
Related software options i-Option License LK-102

bizhub 4052, 4752 Licență i-Option LK-106
bizhub 4052, 4752 Licență i-Option LK-107
bizhub 4052, 4752 Licență i-Option LK-108
bizhub 4052, 4752 Licență i-Option LK-111
bizhub 4052, 4752 Licență i-Option LK-114
bizhub 458, 558 Licență i-Option LK-115v2 STANDARD
bizhub 4052, 4752, 4020 cu HDD


bizhub 226, 4052, 
Technology Emperon Servicii web IWS pe echipament
 Tehnologia OpenAPI


OPTIMIZED PRINT SERVICES  CS Remote Care The Blue Angel Energy Star
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TNP64 Cartus Toner Negru (25K) Konica Minolta pentru bizhub 4052 si 4752 MFP, pn: AAE1011; Code: AAE1011
TNP64 Toner Cartridge Black (25K) Konica Minolta for bizhub 4052 & 4752 MFP, pn: AAE1011;
25.000 pagini
( 1 )
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IUP33 Unitate Imagine (60K) Konica Minolta pentru bizhub 4052 MFP si 4752 MFP, pn: AAFW0Y1; Code: AAFW0Y1
IUP33 Imaging Unit (60K) Konica Minolta for bizhub 4052 MFP and 4752 MFP, pn: AAFW0Y1;
60.000 pagini Request quote
Etichete autocolante de autentificare NFC -10 buc.;<br>
Tip NXP NTAG216 BullsEye Code: 9967003957
NFC sticker tags -10 pcs.;
Type NXP NTAG216 BullsEye
SK-501 Capse (5 x 1.000 buc.) pentru finisoare atasate echipamentelor bizhub; Code: A6Y8WY1
SK-501 Staples (5 x 1,000 pcs.) for finishers attached to the bizhub equipment;
5.000 buc. Request quote
AANAWY1 PF-P15 Paper Feed Tray for 250 sheets A5/A4
Request quote
AANCWY1 PF-P16 Paper Feed Tray for 550 sheets A5/A4
Request quote
A6VHWY1 FS-P02 Stapler Inner Finisher
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AA1K021 FK-517 Kit for Fax Super G3, i-Fax & PC Fax;
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A9FVWYA EK-P05 - USB Interface for external keyboard and ID card reader;
Request quote
A9FRWYA EK-P06 - USB Interface for external keyboard, ID card reader and bluetooth LE interface;
Request quote
A9M4WY2 EK-P07 Local Interface Kit for installation of CS Remote Care / GPRS modem;
Request quote
AA1MWYA UK-215 Wireless print & scan;
Request quote
9967002640 SX-BR-4600 LAN Wireless Bridge;
767  Lei
A0X9WY1 AU-102 Biometric Authentication Unit II;
Request quote
A0PD026 LK-102v3 i-Option license for PDF encryption, PDF/A 1b support, Meta Data
626  Lei
A0PD029 LK-106 i-Option license for Printing of Barcode Fonts
1.768  Lei
A0PD02F LK-107 i-Option license for Unicode Font Printing
1.768  Lei
A0PD02G LK-108 i-Option license for OCR Font Printing
1.077  Lei
A0PD02K LK-111 i-Option license for ThinPrint Client Function
105  Lei
A0PD02P LK-114 i-Option license for Serverless Pull Printing
1.229  Lei
A0PD02V LK-115v2 i-Option license for Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
158  Lei
A64TWY3 KP-P01 Additional numeric keypad
88  Lei
AAU4W21 CU-203 Air Cleaning system for bizhub equipment
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Konica Minolta bizhub 4052 - Monochrome Laser A4 Format MFP;

Key Features
Speed A4: 40 ppm in black & white;
Paper formats: A4-A6 and custom sizes;
Rich functionality and high integrity with Konica Minolta A3 MFPs;
Flexible, compact and light-weight devices that fit into various office environments;
Familiar and intuitive operation using a colour touch operation panel similiar to that found on Konica Minolta A3 MFPs;
Konica Minolta's Optimized Print Services (OPS) combine consulting, hardware, software, implementation and workflow management in order to lower document spend.

Print from anywhere, anytime...  
Mopria Print Service
The Mopria Print Service is an application which lets you print directly from devices running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.
- Documents such as photographs, web pages and PFD files can be printed easily via a wireless LAN to Mopria-certified output devices.
- You can search automatically for different MFPs on the same network.
- You can print documents such as e-mails, photos and web pages from MFPs which are compatible with the Mopria Print Service via a wireless LAN.
- You can set the number of prints and also change colour and b/w settings.
bizhub 4052 wide image additional information

Wireless LAN Access Point Mode
bizhub 4052 wide image additional information - For environments without Wireless Network, compatible Konica Minolta MFPs now have the capability to deliver their own Wireless LAN, thanks to the Wireless LAN Access Point Mode, without the need for a third party access point (router).
- To be an interface user look for a WiFi network and select the bizhub network. Once connected, you are ready to print to this bizhub system.
- It may be necessary to update the device firmware.
- Up to five units can be connected at one time.

Google Cloud Print
- Google Cloud Print is a printing service provided by Google which connects your Konica Minolta printer or MFP to the web via smartphones, tablets, Chromebook, PC or any other web-connected device in use for your application.
- Print  from a wide range of devices, such as smartphones and tablet devices with iOS or Android.
- OS, and also Windows and Mac PCs; no extra printer drivers needed.
- Send print jobs to your office printer via the Cloud even while you're out of the office.
bizhub 4052 wide image additional information

Basic functionalities

- Emperon™ print controller - Konica Minolta's high-performance controller with support of PostScript3, PCL6, PCL 5e/c and XPS;
- Direct print - driverless printing of print files stored on a connected USB stick;
- High print resolution - for best output quality;
- Collate/Offset - printing by set for easier separation of sets;
- Mobile Printing - possibility to directly print documents from a mobile device;
- Barcode font - to print fonts like Code39, QR Code, PDF-417;
- OCR font - to print OCR fonts, e.g. on cheques;

- Duplex copy - saves resources and money
- Copy Program - registration of complete copy job settings for recurring jobs;
- Proof copy - sample copy to check irregularities and prevent misprints;
- Mixed original scanning - automatic scanning of originals with different formats;

- Scan programs - presetting of original, scan file and destination for regular scan jobs;
- Scan-to-USB - direct scan to connected USB stick;
- TWAIN scan - for clever digitisation of  documents;
- Scan-to-eMail - sends a converted file to an e-mail address;
- Support of various scan formats - including TIFF, PDF, Compact PDF, JPEG, etc.

- i-Fax - sending of fax messages via network between MFPs;
- Fax timer - sends a fax automatically at a specific time;
- Auto redial - automatic resending of a fax if transmission has failed;
- Polling - Stores a file on the internal hard disc and only transmits it upon request from the intended recipient(s)

- Authentication - user access by password, username + password or fingervein scanner;
- Network security - support for SSL/TLS, HTTPS, 802.1x and IPsec;
- Secure print - Password entering is required at the printer before prints are released;

- Full duplex functionality - Saves resources;
- Conforms to international environmental standards - Like Energy Star or Blue Angel Mark.

- Collate / Offset;
- Optional staple finisher.

Control Panel

bizhub 4052 wide image additional information

Optional accesories
Paper Feed Cabinet PF-P15 - Allows you to load up to 250 sheets, A4 - A5 format, 60 - 120 g/m˛;
Paper Feed Cabinet PF-P16 - Allows you to load up to 550 sheets, A4 - A5 format, 60 - 120 g/m˛ (max. 3 cabinets);
SCD-4000e Desk - Used to install this machine on the floor and storing consumables and paper;
CU-203 Air Cleaning Unit - Improving indoor air quality by reduced emissions;
Finisher FS-P02 - Install this unit onto the output tray of this machine. Sorts, groups and staples paper (max. 20 sh.) before outputting it;
Fax Kit FK-517 - Used to operate this machine as a fax machine. Alternatively, this kit allows more telephone lines to be connected;
KP-P01 10-Key pad - Replaces soft keys in the touchscreen control panel;
CU-203 Air Cleaning Unit - Improving indoor air quality by reduced emissions;
AU-102 Biometric authentication - Finger vein scanner. EK-P05 or EK-P06 required;
EK-P05 USB I/F Kit - for USB keyboard, AU-102;
EK-P06 USB I/F Kit - for USB keyboard, Bluetooth, AU-102;
EK-P07 Cable Kit - Interface cable for GPRS modem connection for CSRC CS Remote Care;
UK-216 Wireless LAN - Wireless LAN and wireless LAN Access Point Mode;
UK-219 2GB RAM Upgrade - Memory upgrade for options
i-Option License LK-102v3 - Required for Web browser and Image Web Server;
i-Option License LK-106 - Used to add a bar code font that is one of special fonts;
i-Option License LK-107 - Used to add a unicode font that is one of special fonts;
i-Option License LK-108 - Used to add an OCR font that is one of special fonts;
i-Option License LK-111 - ThinPrint Client Function. Print data compression for reduced network impact;
i-Option License LK-114 - Serverless Pull Printing, Secure and Follow Me;
i-Option License LK-115v2 - TPM Trusted Platform for data protection. ta protection.

TypeMultifuncțional Digital Laser Monocrom A4 - Copiator, Imprimantă, Scaner, Fax (opțional)
Implemented technologiesLaser, electrostatic
Toner technologyToner polimerizat Simitri®
Maximum monthly workload100.000 pagini
Recommended monthly workload7.000 pagini
Consumable lifetime
TNP64 - Toner Cartridge: 25.000 pagini A4. acoperire 5%
IUP33 - Imaging Unit 60.000 pagini A4.

First page out 6,5 sec.
Copy/Print speed A440 ppm
Autoduplex speed A430 ppm
Original document size (max.)A4
Standard printable paper sizeA6 - A4
Document typefile, cărţi, obiecte tridimensionale (maxim 10 Kg)
Media typeshârtie, calc, carton, etichete, plicuri, autocolante, transparente
Media weight60 - 216 g/m˛
Standard paper supply
650 file, formată din:
◦ Caseta 1: 550 file A5, A4, 60 - 120 g/m˛;
◦ Bypass: 100 file A6, A5, A4, 60 - 216 g/m˛.

Maximum paper supply
maxim 1.400 file, configuraţia standard plus:
◦ Caseta 2: 250 file B5, A5, A4, 60 - 120 g/m˛ (opțiunea PF-P15)
◦ Caseta 3: 250 file B5, A5, A4, 60 - 120 g/m˛ (opțiunea PF-P15)
◦ Caseta 4: 250 file B5, A5, A4, 60 - 120 g/m˛ (opțiunea PF-P15)
maxim 2.300 file, configuraţia standard plus:
◦ Caseta 2: 550 file B5, A5, A4, 60 - 120 g/m˛ (opțiunea PF-P16)
◦ Caseta 3: 550 file B5, A5, A4, 60 - 120 g/m˛ (opțiunea PF-P16)
◦ Caseta 4: 550 file B5, A5, A4, 60 - 120 g/m˛ (opțiunea PF-P16)

Automatic document feeder
Alimentator de Documente cu Scanare Simultană:
◦ Capacitate documente originale: 50 file de 80 g/m˛;
◦ Originale acceptate: A6 - A4, 52 - 120 g/m˛;
◦ Copiere simplă față (simplex): 40 originale/min., 600 dpi, monocrom;
◦ Copiere față-verso (duplex): 30 imagini/min., 600 dpi, monocrom

Automatic duplexing
• Imprimare Automată Față-Verso:
○ Tip duplex: fără stocare;
○ Formate acceptate: standard A4 sau
○ Lățime: minim 209,6 mm, maxim 215,9 mm, ○ Lungime: minim 279,4 mm / maxim 355,6 mm ○ Greutate hârtie: 60 - 90 g/m˛.

Finishing modes
Opționale disponibile:
◦ FS-P02 Finisor Intern: sortează/grupează prin deplasare, capsează în colț maxim 20 file și stochează maxim 500 file;

Output capacity without finisherstandard: 250 file
Output capacity with finisheropțional: 500 file (cu finisor FS-P02)
Standard interface
• 10-Base-T/100-Base-T/1000-Base-T Ethernet;
USB 2.0 interfață locală;
• USB host (direct print).

Optional Interface
• UK-216 Wireless LAN;
• SX-BR-4600 Wireless Bridge;
• EK-P07 Interfață GPRS pentru CSRC.

ID access codes
◦ Până la 1.000 conturi utilizatori, suport Active Directory (nume utilizator + parola);
◦ Definire acces utilizatori;
◦ Autentificare biometrică (scanarea dispunerii venelor în deget) opţional;
◦ Autentificare prin card IC-Card (cititor IC-Card ) opţional;

ProcessorASIC 777 (88PA6270) 1,2 GHz
Standard memory2 GB RAM
Memory max. (option)4 GB RAM + UK-219 RAM Upgrade (2 GB)
Hard disk
Capacitate: 250 GB
Funcții realizate:
▫ Booklet Creation in Copy Mode;
▫ Collate Larger Jobs;
▫ Document Print;
▫ Enable Proof Copy;
▫ File Deletion Setting;
▫ Files Memory;
▫ ID & Print;
▫ Internal Web Server;
▫ Password Store;
▫ Polling TX Recorder;
▫ Print and Hold;
▫ Scan Preview;
▫ Scan to HDD;
▫ Secured Job;
▫ Store Job;
▫ Web Browser.

Copier resolution max.600 x 600 dpi
Gray scale256
Zoom (min.-max.)25 - 400% în trepte de 1% + Autozooming
Copy width loss image4,2 mm (sus, jos, stanga, dreapta)
Copy select1 - 9999
Exposure controlManual (Text; Photo/Text; Photo)
Special function
◙ 2-in-1, ◙ 4-in-1, ◙ 8-in-1, ◙ Electronic sorting, ◙ Multi job (interrupt), ◙ Adjustments, ◙ Next job reservation, ◙ Proof copy, ◙ Interrupt mode, ◙ Media selection, ◙ Magnification selection, ◙ Simplex / Duplex selection, ◙ Separate scan, ◙ Sort / Group, ◙ Original selection, ◙ Original type settings, ◙ Background adjustment, ◙ Copy density adjustment, ◙ Page margin, ◙ Frame erase, ◙ ID card copy

Print resolution max.
◦ 600 x 600 dpi;
◦ 1.200 x 1.200 dpi.

Printer languages (standard)
PCL 6c (PCL 5c + XL v.3.0)
PostScript 3 (CPSI 3016)
XPS Ver.1.0
◦ PPML/GA2.2
◦ OpenXPS, PDF1.7
◦ Ooxml (pptx / xlsx / docx)

◦ 80 x PCL Latin;
◦ 137 x PostScript 3 Emulation Latin.

Printing functions
Standard (setul complet): ◙ Adding a text, ◙ Back Cover, ◙ Binding, ◙ Copy Protect, ◙ Date/Time, ◙ Distribution Control Number, ◙ Edge Strength, ◙ Excel Job Control, ◙ Front Cover, ◙ ID & Print, ◙ Image Shift, ◙ My Tab, ◙ N-Up (2, 4, 6, 9 or 16 in 1), ◙ Pattern, ◙ Poster-sized image, ◙ Print in Overlay, ◙ Proof then Print, ◙ Quality Adjustment, ◙ Remove White Background, ◙ Rotating Image, ◙ Secured Job, ◙ Separator Page, ◙ Store Job, ◙ Thin Line Support, ◙ Toner Save, ◙ Watermark.

TypeColour/Mono Flatbed Scaner cu DADF
Imaging technologyCIS
Network protocolTCP/IP (FTP, SMB, SMTP, WebDAV), TCP Socket WSD
Light sourceLED
Scan speed
◦ Monocrom A4: 45 originale/minut;
◦ Color A4: 30 opm.

ADF scan speed
• Alimentator de Documente cu Scanare Simultană:
- Capacitate originale: maxim 50 file de 80 g/m˛;
- Originale acceptate: A6 - A4, Legal, Letter;
- Greutate hârtie: 60 - 90 g/m˛;
• Viteza de scanare:
- Simplex alb-negru: maxim 47 ipm A4;
- Simplex color: maxim 30 ipm A4;
- Duplex alb-negru: maxim 94 ipm A4;
- Duplex color: maxim 60 ipm A4

Scanning resolution
◦ Push: 200 x 200 / 300 x 300 / 400 x 400 / 600 x 600 dpi;
◦ Pull: 100 x 100 / 200 x 200 / 300 x 300 / 400 x 400 / 600 x 600 dpi

Hardware resolution600 x 600 dpi
Output file formats
Standard: ◙ JPEG; ◙ TIFF; ◙ PDF; ◙ PDF/A; ◙ Compact PDF; ◙ XPS

Main functions
Scan-to-eMail (Scan-to-Me);
Scan-to-SMB (Scan-to-Home);
Scan-to-Box (Scan-to-HDD);

Scanner interfaceEthernet 10-Base-T/100-Base-TX/1000-Base-T;
Internet FAXopţional Fax Kit FK-517
ProtocolSMTP, POP
Connection ModeFull-Mode
Sending Paper SizeMaxim A4 sau Legal
Recording Paper SizeMaxim A4
Resolution200 × 100 dpi, 200 × 200 dpi, 400 × 400 dpi, 600 × 600 dpi
File formatTIFF-F (transmisie și recepție)
InterfaceEthernet (10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T)
FAX Super G3opţional Fax Kit FK-517
StandardECM / Super G3
Compatible communication lines
◦ Public Switch Telephone Network;
◦ Private Branch Exchange;
◦ Fax Communication Line;

Compression methodMH, MR, MMR, JBIG
Modem speed2,4 ~ 33,6 Kb/s
Sending paper sizeMaxim A4 sau Legal (suport lungime 1.000 mm prin RADF)
Reception paper sizeMaxim A4 sau Legal (suport lungime 1.000 mm prin RADF)
Line density8 puncte/mm × 3,85 linii/mm
Scan resolutionMaxim 600 x 600 (ultra-fin)
Print resolution600 x 600 dpi
Fax transmission speed (seconds per page)> 3 secunde (A4, V.34, 33.6 kbps, JBIG)
Number of abbr. dials 2.000
Number of group dials100
Sequential multiple station transmissionmaxim 400
Fax functions ◙ Program, ◙ Select from Address Book, ◙ Group Dial Program, ◙ Auto Redial, ◙ Original Type (Text, Text/Photo, Photo), ◙ Density, ◙ Memory TX, ◙ Busy / Error Redial, ◙ Broadcast TX, ◙ Timer TX, ◙ Confidential TX, ◙ Relay TX Request, ◙ Polling RX, ◙ TX Original Size Setting, ◙ Mixed Original TX, ◙ ECM Off, ◙ V34 Off TX, ◙ Password TX, ◙ Memory RX, ◙ Memory Vicarious Execution RX, ◙ Password RX, ◙ Call Rejection, ◙ Confidential Print, ◙ Auto Reduction Print, ◙ Full Size Print, ◙ Tel/Fax Auto Switch, ◙ Audio Response, ◙ Answering Machine Connection, ◙ Number Display, ◙ Dial-in, ◙ Vicarious Execution Forward, ◙ Remote RX, ◙ Nighttime Receiving User Box, ◙ Destination Setting, ◙ Activity Report, ◙ TX Result Report, ◙ Broadcast Result TX Report, ◙ Broadcast Result RX Report, ◙ Various Lists, ◙ Long Paper Original TX/RX, ◙ PC-Fax TX/RX, ◙ Mistake TX Prevention.
Fax reports
◦ Journal;
◦ Listă telefoane;
◦ Raport difuzare;
◦ Raport erori;
◦ Listă setări;
◦ Raport transmisie;
◦ Raport recepție;
◦ Raport rezervare;
◦ Raport solicitare consumabile.
◦ Starea aparatului;

Compatible operating systems
◦ Citrix;
◦ Linux;
◦ Macintosh OS X 10.8 sau ulterior;
◦ Windows VISTA (32/64);
◦ Windows 7 (32/64);
◦ Windows 8 (32/64);
◦ Windows Server 2000;
◦ Windows Server 2003 (32/64);
◦ Windows Server 2008 (32/64);
◦ Windows Server 2008 R2 (64);
◦ Windows Server 2012 (64).
◦ Windows Server 2012 R2 .
◦ Windows Server 2016.

Network protocols supported

Konica Minolta applications
◦ PageScope Net Care Device Manager;
◦ PageScope Direct Print;
◦ Print Status Notifier;
◦ Download Manager;
◦ Driver Packaging Utility.

Security management
ISO 15408 EAL3 (in evaluation);
◦ IP filtering and port blocking;
SSL2; SSL3 and TSL1.0 Network Communication;
◦ IPsec support;
IEEE 802.1x support;
◦ User Authentication;
◦ Secure Print;
◦ Hard Disk Overwrite (8 standard types);
◦ Hard Disk Data Encryption;
◦ Copy Protection (print only).

Input Voltage220/240 Va.c. ± 10%, 50/60 Hz ± 3%
Power consumption600 W
Dimensions (w x d x h)490 x 521 x 546 mm
Weight24 kg
Warranty12 luni (sau maxim 60.000 imprimate)


Configurația Standard

◦ Konica Minolta bizhub 4052 MFP:

DSDF alimentator de originale cu scanare simultană (90 imagini/minut);
◦ Memorie RAM 2 GB;
◦ HDD 250 GB;
◦ Copiere, imprimare și scanare față-verso;
◦ Multi-bypass lateral: 100 file, hârtie, carton, transparente, etc.;
◦ Caseta 1: 550 file maxim A4;
◦ CD-ROM cu manuale de utilizare, programe driver și utilitare PageScope.
Rezervă totală de hârtie: 650 file.

Materiale consumabile incluse:
◦ Toner de start pentru 6.000 de pagini format A4 @ 5% acoperire (ISO/IEC 19798);
◦ Unitate de imagine pentru 60.000 pagini.

Simboluri legate de configuraţie:
◦ - indică apartenenţa la configuraţia standard;
• - subansamblu opţional adăugat configuraţiei standard.


◦ ATEC Global Systems livreaza gratuit echipamente Konica Minolta la sediul cumparatorului, numai pe raza Municipiului Bucuresti.
◦ În restul teritoriului livrările se fac prin intermediul unei firme de curierat acreditată oficial și preferată de către destinatar.
Detalii prin telefon la: 021.231.1177, 021.231.1176, 021.230.0147 sau prin posta electronica la: office@atec.ro , sales@atec.ro.

Va multumim pentru atentie!

Echipa ATEC

1 - number of A4 pages based on 5% coverage


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TN328Y Cartus Toner Galben (28K) Konica Minolta pentru bizhub C250i, C300i, C360i (AAV8250) promotion
TN328C Cartus Toner Cyan (28K) Konica...
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TN328C Cartus Toner Cyan (28K) Konica Minolta pentru bizhub C250i, C300i, C360i (AAV8450) promotion
TN328CMYK Set Cartuse Toner C/M/Y/...
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TN328CMYK Set Cartuse Toner C/M/Y/ Black (28K) Konica Minolta <br> pentru bizhub C250i, C300i, C360i (AAV8 450/350/250/150) promotion
TN626Y Cartus Toner Galben (28K/833g)...
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TN626Y Cartus Toner Galben (28K/833g) Konica Minolta pentru bizhub C450i, C550i, C650i (ACV1250);

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