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Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers
CISCO 2921-SEC/K9 big picture
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Cisco 2921 Integrated Services Router
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Cisco® 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers build on 25 years of Cisco innovation and product leadership. The new platforms are architected to enable the next phase of branch-office evolution, providing rich media collaboration and virtualization to the branch while maximizing operational cost savings.
The Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 platforms are future-enabled with multi-core CPUs, support for high capacity DSPs (Digital Signal Processors) for future enhanced video capabilities, high powered service modules with improved availability, Gigabit Ethernet switching with enhanced POE, and new energy monitoring and control capabilities while enhancing overall system performance.
Additionally, a new Cisco IOS® Software Universal image and Services Ready Engine module enable you to decouple the deployment of hardware and software, providing a flexible technology foundation which can quickly adapt to evolving network requirements. Overall, the Cisco 2900 Series offer unparalleled total cost of ownership savings and network agility through the intelligent integration of market leading security, unified communications, wireless, and application services.

Product Overview
Cisco 2900 Series builds on the best-in-class offering of the existing Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers by offering four platforms: the Cisco 2901, 2911, 2921, and 2951 Integrated Services Routers. All Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Routers offer embedded hardware encryption acceleration, voice- and video-capable digital signal processor (DSP) slots, optional firewall, intrusion prevention, call processing, voicemail, and application services. In addition, the platforms support the industries widest range of wired and wireless connectivity options such as T1/E1, T3/E3, xDSL, copper and fiber GE. Key Business Benefits
The Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2) provide superior services integration and agility. Designed for scalability, the modular architecture of these platforms enables you to grow and adapt with your business needs.


Services Integration
• The Cisco 2900 Series ISRs offer increased levels of services integration with voice, video, security, wireless, mobility, and data services, enabling greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Services On Demand
• A single Cisco IOS® Software Universal image is installed on each ISR G2. The Universal image contains all of the Cisco IOS technology sets which can be activated with a software license. This allows your business to quickly deploy advanced features without downloading a new IOS image. Additionally, larger default memory is included to support the new capabilities.
• The Cisco Services Ready Engine (SRE) enables a new operational model which allows you to reduce capital expenditures (CapEx) and deploy a variety of application services as needed on a single integrated compute services module.

High Performance with Integrated Services
• The Cisco 2900 Series enables deployment in high speed WAN environments with concurrent services enabled up to 75 Mbps.
• A multigigabit fabric (MGF) enables high-bandwidth module-to-module communication without compromising routing performance.

Network Agility
• Designed to address customer business requirements, the Cisco 2900 Series modular architecture offers increased capacity and performance as your network needs grow.
• Modular interfaces offer increased bandwidth, a diversity of connection options, and network resiliency.

Energy Efficiency
• The Cisco 2900 Series offers intelligent power management and allows the customer to control power to the modules based on the time of day. Cisco EnergyWise technology will be supported in the future.
• Services integration and modularity on a single platform performing multiple functions, optimizes raw materials consumption and energy usage.
• Platform flexibility and ongoing development of both hardware and software capabilities lead to a longer product lifecycle, lowering all aspects of the total cost of ownership, including materials and energy use.
• High efficiency power supplies are provided with each platform.

Investment Protection
• Reuse of a broad array of existing modules supported on the original Integrated Services Routers provides a lower cost of ownership.
• A rich set of Cisco IOS Software features carried forward from the original Integrated Services Routers and delivered in a single universal image.
• Flexibility to adapt as your business needs evolve.


• The Cisco 2900 Series are powered by high-performance multi-core processors that can support the growing demands of high-speed WAN connections to the branch-office while also running multiple concurrent services.

Multigigabit Fabric (MGF)
• The Cisco 2900 Series introduces an innovative multigigabit fabric (MGF) that allows for efficient module-to-module communication, enabling tighter services interactions across modules while reducing the overhead on the route processor.

TDM Interconnectivity Fabric
• Unified communications services in the branch office are significantly enhanced with the use of a TDM interconnectivity fabric in the system architecture, allowing for scaling of DS-0 channel capacity.

PoE Boost
• When connected to an external RPS device, the Cisco 2911, 2921, and 2951 can operate in a PoE boost configuration in lieu of redundant power mode whereby the power capacity of the platform is increased to twice the normal level to power additional PoE ports.

Modular Platform
• The Cisco 2900 Series ISRs are highly modular platforms with several types of module slots to add connectivity and services for varied branch-office network requirements.
• The ISRs offer an industry-leading breadth of LAN and WAN connectivity options through modules to accommodate field upgrades for future technologies without requiring a platform replacement.

Embedded IP Security (IPSec) VPN Hardware Acceleration
• Embedded hardware encryption acceleration is enhanced to provide higher scalability, which combined with an optional Cisco IOS Security license, enables WAN link security and VPN services (IPSec acceleration).
• The onboard encryption hardware replaces and outperforms the advanced integration modules (AIMs) of previous generations.

Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Ports
• All onboard WAN ports are 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet WAN routed ports.
• One of the three 10/100/1000 Ethernet WAN ports on the Cisco 2921 and 2951 supports Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP)-based connectivity in lieu of a RJ-45 port and enabling fiber connectivity.

Innovative Universal-Serial-Bus (USB)-Based Console Access
• A new, innovative USB console port offers management connectivity for devices without a serial port such as modern laptop computers.
• Traditional console and auxiliary ports are also available.

Optional Integrated Power Supply for Distribution of PoE and Universal DC Power Supply
• An optional upgrade to the internal power supply provides inline power (802.3af-compliant PoE and Cisco Inline Power) to integrated switch modules.
• On the Cisco 2911, 2921, and 2951, an optional DC power supply will be available in the future that extends deployment into central offices and industrial environments.

Optional External Redundant Power Supply (RPS)
• The Cisco 2911, 2921, and 2951 allow for power redundancy through the use of an external RPS device, thereby decreasing network downtime and protecting the network from power-supply failures.
• Redundant power on the Cisco 2900 Series is supported through the Cisco RPS 2300 Redundant Power System. You can use the Cisco RPS 2300 to provide redundant power for Cisco 2900 Series ISRs as well as Cisco Catalyst® switches.
• In order to use the Cisco RPS 2300, an external RPS adapter is required (configurable option) to connect the platform to the external RPS.

Designed for Flexible Deployments
• The Cisco 2911 and 2951 are designed for NEBS environments.
• The 2911 is 12 in. deep and has an optional fan filter for deployments in a variety of environments. An assembly that provides front-to-back airflow is also available for 23 in. racks.

CISCO 2921-SEC/K9 wide image additional information

Equipment typeIntegrated Services Router (2RU rackable)
Memory DRAM• 512 MB DRAM instalat, maxim 2,5 GB (optional);
2 GB necesar pentru Cisco IOS*
2,5 GB pentru WAAS Express*.
Compact Flash (External) • Slot 0: instalat 256 MB, maxim 4 GB (optional);
• Slot 1: instalat -0- MB , maxim 4 GB (optional).
Integrated WAN Ports• 3 x Gigabit Ethernet;
• 1 x SFP - use of SFP port disables the corresponding Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ-45)
Recommend WAN Access Speed (with services)• 50 Mb/s
Interface Slots (EHWIC)• 4 x Enhanced high-speed WAN interface card
Service Module Support• 1 Single or
• 1 Double
ISM onboard slot• 1 x Integrated Services Module (internal)
Onboard DSP Slots• 3 x Packet-voice data-module with Voice Digital Signal Processor
USB Ports Type A• 2 x USB 2.0
Console port• 1 x mini USB 2.0 (115,2 Kb/s) sau
• 1 x RJ-45
Cisco 3900 series, 2900 series, and 1900 series ISRs provide an additional mechanism for configuring the system through a USB2 serial console port. The traditional RJ-45 serial console port is also available.
Auxiliary Port• 1 x RJ-45
Note: When a modem is connected to the auxiliary port, a remote user can dial in to the router and configure it. Use the light blue console cable and the DB-9-to-DB-25 connector adapter that came in the router accessory kit.
Redundant Power SupplyCisco Redundant Power System 2300
Stateful FirewallStateful Firewall
VPN ServicesEasy VPN Remote/server, Enhanced Easy VPN, Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), Group Encrypted Transport VPN (GET VPN), V3PN, MPLS VPN
Intrusion Prevention and FPMYes
Content FilteringContent Filtering
Network Foundation ProtectionACL, CoPP, QoS, Role-based CLI Access, Source-based RTBH, uRPF, SSHv2
ISR Web SecurityYes
Local ConferencingYes, use PVDM3 or PVDM2
Digital Signal Processor SupportPVDM3 & PVDM2
Cisco Unified Survivable
Remote Site Telephony Support
Up to 100 sesiuni
Cisco Unified Communications
Manager Express Support
Up to 100 sesiuni
Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Voicemail (NME, NME-EC, SM or ISM)32 ports; 300 mailboxes (with SRE-300)
Cisco Unified Border Element (SIP/H.323 Sessions)400
Cisco Unified SIP Proxy10 CPS (with SRE-700 and SRE-900)
Digital Voice and Video (T1/E1 channels)Up to 240 (T1/E1 channels)
Analog/BRI VoiceMaximum voice support for analog and Basic Rate Interface (BRI): FXS 40, FXO 28, BRI 16
IPv4 Routing ProtocolsRIP v1/v2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, PBR, PfR
Multicast Routing ProtocolsPIM-SM, mroute (static route), and MLD
IPv6 Routing ProtocolsEIGRP, RIP, OSPFv3, IS-IS, BGP and PBR
Wireless LAN Controller ModuleUp to 50 802.11 a/b/g/n Access Point controllers
3G CellularEHWIC
Outdoor AntennasYes
Diversity (Dual Antennas)Yes
RP-TNC Connectors for Field-replaceable Optional High-gain AntennasYes
Maximum Ethernet Ports• 66 (maxim optional)
Maximum Ethernet LAN
Ports with POE
• 64 (maxim optional)
• 50 x Modular LAN switchports (with optional Power over Ethernet).
PoE Support (Wattage)
No PoE Boost
Yes, 280W
PoE Support (Wattage)
with PoE Boost
Yes, 750W
EtherSwitch Service Module type (Width)• 1 Single or
• 1 Double
Route OptimizationPfR
Network Contention ControlQoS, HQoS
Application VisibilityNBAR
Application/WAN OptimizationWAAS Express, WAAS on SRE
On-demand Application and Services PlatformSRE Module
Server Virtualization PlatformUCS Express
Network Monitoring and AnalysisNAM Module
IP Address ManagementInfoblox, BlueCat
Network Performance AnalysisNetScout
Voice PolicySecureLogix
Fax over IPSagemcom, OpenText
Security and ComplianceLogLogic
Localized Device ManagementUplogix
Paging over IPSinglewire
PC Operating Systems● Windows 7;
● Windows Vista: Business Edition and Ultimate Edition;
● Windows XP with SP2 and higher;
● Mac OSX 10.5.6 running Windows XP using VMware 2.0.
Other Software● Sun JRE 1.5.0_11 up to 1.6.0_16 ● Adobe Flash Player Version and later
Browser● Microsoft IE 6.0 or later
PC hardware● Minimum 2-GHz processor;
● 1-GB DRAM minimum; 2 GB recommended;
● Screen resolution: 1024 x 768;
● Free disk space of 200 MB.
ComplianceUSGv6 Profile 1.0
Safety• UL 60950-1, • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1, • EN 60950-1, • AS/NZS 60950-1, • IEC 60950-1
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)• UL 60950-1, • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1, • EN 60950-1, • AS/NZS 60950-1, • IEC 60950-1, • 47 CFR, Part 15, • ICES-003 Class A, • EN55022 Class A, • CISPR22 Class A, • AS/NZS 3548 Class A, • VCCI V-3, • CNS 13438, • EN 300-386, • EN 61000 (Immunity), • EN 55024, CISPR 24, • EN50082-1, • TIA/EIA/IS-968, • CS-03, • ANSI T1.101, • ITU-T G.823, G.824, • IEEE 802.3, • RTTE Directive,
Telecommunications• TIA/EIA/IS-968, • CS-03, • ANSI T1.101, • ITU-T G.823, G.824, • IEEE 802.3, • RTTE Directive,
Power supply optionsAC, PoE, DC
Power supply typeInterna
Input Voltage100 ~ 240Vca (Power Supply & Power Injector)
AC frequency47 ~ 63Hz (Power Supply & Power Injector)
AC input current1,4 ~ 3,5 A
Power consumption• Tipic standard: 60W
• Maxim standard: 320W
• Maxim End-Point PoE: 280W
• Maxim PoE: 320W
• Maxim PoE+: 750W
Output Voltage12 ~ 60Vcc
Output currentmaxim 12A (24Vcc)
Power consumption with PoE15,4 W (access point + cabling)
Acoustic emissionsTipic: 54,4 dBA, Maxim: 67,4 dBA
Operating temperature0 ~ 40°C
Storage temperature-40º ~ 70ºC
Operating humidity10 ~ 85% (fără condens)
Non-operating humidity5 ~ 95% (fără condens)
Enclosure Type2RU (19 in. / 483 mm) - Set de instalare inclus;
Pentru Rack de 23 in. (584 mm) - Setul de instalare este optional.
Equipment dimensions (w x h x d)438,2 x 88,9 x 469,9 mm
Weight13,2 Kg - Sursa de Alimentare Standard, fara module optionale;
13,6 Kg - Sursa de Alimentare PoE, fara module optionale;
15,5 Kg - in configuratie maxima.

• Cisco IOS - Cisco Internetwork Operating System - Software compus din pachete de routare, switching, Internetworking și funcții de telecomunicații integrate într-un sistem de operare multitasking, deosebit prin capacitatea sa de integrare a pachetelor software in dezvoltare;

• WAAS Express - Wide Area Application Services Express - Componentă importantă a portofoliului de produse Cisco WAAS, ce extinde soluția de optimizare a retelelor teritoriale [Wide Area Network (WAN) ] pentru întreaga familie de routere Cisco cu servicii integrate din generatia 2 (Cisco ISR G2);


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